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Bourke, Outback NSW - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions, Entertainment, Guides - Where to Go, What to See and Do

Listed Below are the Best Bourke - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions - Find where to Go, what to See and Do in Bourke, NSW Australia.

The major rural service town and outback tourism centre of Bourke is located about 800 km north-west of Sydney, on the south bank of the Darling River. Bourke was established in 1861, and supports the surrounding agricultural, tourism and mining industries. Bourke supports thriving agricultural industries including grazing, cotton, citrus, grapes and jojoba. Bourke and the surrounding district have a wide range of attractions and recreational facilities for a range of activities. The famous term 'Back of Bourke' refers to Bourke being the gateway to the real Australian Outback, which reflected by the large number of Outback tours that pass through Bourke. The town features many beautiful heritage buildings, and memorial displays to Harry 'Breaker' Morant and Will Ogilvy. Another popular attraction is Poets Corner, which commemorates the famous poet, Henry Lawson. Some of the major activities, attractions and events in Bourke and the surrounding area include: # Mateship Country mini Bus Tour - a three hour tour of Bourke and district # Mud Map A Self Drive Tour of Bourke # Paddle Boat PV Jandra - a two hour tour on the mighty Darling River reviving memories of when these boats were the major means of transporting wool and other produce all the way from the railhead at Bourke to the Murray junction at Wentworth # Canoeing, boating, kayaking, boat and shore fishing, yabbying on the Darling River # Enjoy a camel safari at the renowned Comaroo Camel Station # Visit the displays at the Back`O Bourke Exhibition Centre.
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