A Laser Training Manual - eBook

A classic Laser Sailing Manual, first published in 1982, and recently revised
with the New Rigging Rules/Methods and Rule 42 interpretations
is now available for FREE as an ebook in PDF format.
The author has been sailing Lasers for more than 30 years.

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CONTENTS Introduction Chapter 1. RIGGING A LASER FOR RACING 1.1 Ropes 1.2 Clew tie-down 1.3 Centreboard and Rudder 1.4 Mainsheet 1.5 Traveller 1.6 Tiller and tiller extension 1.6.1 Tiller 1.6.2 Tiller extension Chapter 2. STEERING AND HIKING TECHNIQUES 2.1 Steering techniques 2.1.1 Make sure your action is not contrary to Rule 42!!! 2.2 Hiking a Laser Chapter 3. SAIL SHAPE CONTROLS 3.1 Forces acting on a boat when sailing upwind 3.2 Mainsheet 3.2.1 Rigging 3.2.2 Function and adjustment of mainsheet tension 3.3 Cunningham Eye 3.3.1 Function 3.3.2 Rigging 3.3.3 Adjustment for various conditions 3.4 Boom Vang 3.4.1 Function 3.4.2 Rigging 3.4.3 Adjustment for various conditions 3.5 Outhaul 3.5.1 Function 3.5.2 Rigging 3.5.3 Adjustment for various conditions 3.6 UPDATE - RIGGING RULE CHANGES AND NEW SYSTEMS Chapter 4. FUNDAMENTALS OF SAILING 4.1 Optimizing the aerodynamic efficiency of the sail 4.2 Depowering techniques for sailing upwind 4.2.1 Sequential list of depowering techniques 4.2.2 Integrated approach to depowering 4.3 The detrimental effects of heeling 4.4 Changing gears 4.4.1 Light winds 4.4.2 Moderate winds 4.4.3 Heavy winds 4.4.4 Accelerating Chapter 5. STARTING 5.1 Elementary steps for starting 5.1.1 The plan for the first leg 5.1.2 The phase of the windshifts 5.1.3 Determining the position of the starting line 5.1.4 Determining the favoured end 5.2 Starting strategy 5.2.1 Staring at, or near the starboard end 5.2.2 Staring at, or near the port end 5.2.3 Staring near the middle 5.2.4 Port tack starts 5.3 Starting tactics 5.3.1 The tactical dual 5.4 Light air starts 5.5 Starting in strong winds 5.6 The first five minutes 5.7 Coming back from a disaster Chapter 6. REACHING 6.1 Sail trim and boat handling 6.1.1 Rudder 6.1.2 Heeling 6.1.3 Maintaining a plane 6.1.4 Body position 6.1.5 Pumping and ooching 6.2 Reaching strategy 6.3 Reaching tactics 6.4 Rules for reaching Chapter 7. RUNNING 7.1 Sail trim and boat handling 7.1.1 Rudder 7.1.2 Centreboard 7.2 The advantages of sailing-by-the-lee 7.3 Weight distribution when running 7.4 Techniques for heavy weather runs 7.5 Strategy and tactics Chapter 8. TACKING, GYBING AND ROUNDING MARKS 8.1 Tacking 8.2 Gybing 8.3 Roll-gybing 8.4 Rounding Marks 8.4.1 Tactics to be used when approaching and rounding marks If you would like to add a chapter, with no copyright, etc.
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