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Australian Bungy / Bungee Jumping Guide - List of Operators, Sites, Locations and Packages

4wd Listed Below are the best Australian Bungy / Bungee Jumping Operators, Sites, Locations and Packages throughout Australia. For the ultimate adrenalin rush nothing beats Bungy Jumping (Bungee Jumping) !! Throwing yourself off a high tower towards a shallow pool with a giant rubber throng tied attached to your ankles is the ultimate challenge for mind beating the fear factor. Bungy is a New Zealand slang for elastic strap. The elastic bungy cords are made from latex rubber and are designed with a 5 fold safety margin. It all began by mimicking the test of manhood in Vanuatu. Young men jump from a tree with vines around their ankles, and this is supposed to be origins of modern bungee jumping with a bit more spring in the cords !! Over 1 million bungy jumps have been made safely at various locations throughout Australia including: Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, Torquay and many other locations. Some operators include diving boards, water slides and down hill ramps (for jumping with bikes and skateboards) which add to the excitement. Reverse Bungy is also available.

Listed below are the best Bungy / Bungee Jumping Guides, Operators, Sites, Locations and Packages throughout Australia, listed by name and location. Scroll through the list and click the operator's link to get more information. Click the town links to see the range of operators and tours available in the area. Use the search tools to select by State, Region and Town.

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