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Australian 4-Wheel Driving (4WD) Activities, Training, Courses, Clubs, Events and Track Locations

dance Listed Below are the best Australian 4-Wheel Driving Activities (4WD), Training, Courses, Clubs, Events and Track Locations. See 4WD Tours, Adventures, and Tag-alongs for additional information. Australia`s diverse range of magnificent national and state parks, and open access areas that are famous amongst four wheel drivers right around the world for the huge and diverse track network and fantastic scenery ranging from snow, outback, desert, rainforest, mountains and coastline landscapes. Whether you desire a short half-day, one day, weekend trip or an extended touring adventure there are tracks, packages and tours that will cater for all levels of expertise and skill. There is a lot of information available to help you prepare. You can hire vehicles, take you own or join a tour or safari group. Driving a Four Wheel Drive or off-road capable vehicles efficiently requires skill and knowledge. Nationally Recognised Training Courses are available providing basic to advanced skills and training which will ensure you have a safe trip and a more enjoyable experience without the drama and wasted time dealing with bogs and breakdowns. You need to learn what you and your vehicle are capable of and how to avoid difficult situations. There is nothing like a Four Wheel Drive bog. You can go almost anywhere, but when you get bogged it is a major problem, especially in remote areas.

Listed below are the best Australian 4-Wheel Driving Activities (4WD), Training, Courses, Clubs, Events and Track Locations listed by name and location. Scroll through the list and click the operator`s link to get more information.

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