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Australian Hang Gliding - Tours, Adventures, Trips, Packages, Operators and Locations

4wd Listed Below are the best Australian Hang Gliding - Tours, Adventures, Trips, Packages, Operators and Locations. Hang gliding has come a long way since the early days. Modern hang gliders are carefully designed, safe aircraft that offer the closest thing to flying like a bird. The earliest hang glider was constructed by John Dickenson, in 1963. He first kite was modelled on the famous recovery wing for the Gemini space capsule that was developed by NASA. It had all the basic features of modern designs, including the triangular control bar. The well-known older style hang gliders with a delta-wing kite shape have recently been replaced by more modern designs:
# Flex Wing hang gliders have a simple and light tubing frame with a highly flexible wing constructed of sailcloth, that is stiffened into an efficient aerofoil shape using long aluminium battens. The wings are usually braced with wire, and are controlled by the pilot shifting his weight.
# Hang Glider with Rigid Wings resemble aircraft but without a tail. They are built from carbon fibre mat material and epoxy, and they are very strong and light weight.
# Ultralight Sail Planes have cockpits and normal wing layouts like full size gliders, but they can be folded for transport. They have wheels for takeoff and landing. They also have the best performance. However, they are expensive and more difficult to transport. Lightweight engines with attached propeller units are also available, making them self-launching for soaring. All hang glider pilots have to undertake qualification course through an accredited flying school. The course includes basics of ground-handling, launching, flying and landing, and hang gliding theory. Many operators throughout Australia offer tandem hang glider flights. Tandem hang gliders are designed to carry the weight of two people, with the passenger in a secure harness in front of your instructor and connected to the glider and together by spreader bars. Before the flight there is an introductory lesson of about 30 minutes where help assembling the equipment and you are taught the basics of hang gliding. Tandem Joy flights are also available using powered hang gliders. The locations for hanging gliding include: Stanwell Park, Newcastle, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast.

Listed below are the best Australian Hang Gliding - Tours, Adventures, Trips, Packages, Operators and Locations throughout Australia, listed by name and location. Scroll through the list and click the operator's link to get more information. Click the town links to see the range of operators and tours available in the area. Use the search tools to select by State, Region and Town.

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