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Australian Mining Tours, Visitor Centres, Mining Hall of Fame

dance Listed Below are the best Mining Tours, Visitor Centres, Mining Hall of Fame to visit in Australia. Don your miner's helmet with its miner's light and take a fascinating stroll through one of Australia's numerous mines that offer surface and below-surface tours and tourist information centres. Learn about the interesting history of gold and other mining in Bendigo and other historic mining sites in Victoria and other states. The Argyle Diamond mine in the Kimberley district of Western Australia is now open to tourists for the first time. Now tourists can tour the world's largest diamond mine in stylish comfort. The Argyle Diamond Mine trip starts with a ninety minute flight. Fly over the Ord Dam, Lake Argyle, and the Bungle Bungles before landing at the mine for a tour. Visitors are guided through the entire mining method which extracts more than 30 million carats of precious gems every year. Seeing the gem viewing room where the recovered diamonds are sorted and ranked, is one of the highlights of the tour. Visitors can view millions of dollars of diamonds graded by quality and size. Gold mine tourist sites are fantastic for children and older persons alike, with lots of activities and adventures to find out about gold mining and the life of gold miners. Experience how excavation was carried out in the 1800s through gold mine trips, panning for gold, and tours of gold mine museums.

Listed below are the best Australian Mining Tours, Visitor Centres, Mining Hall of Fame listed by location and type. Scroll through the list and click the operator`s link to get more information.

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