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Australian Museums, Historical and Heritage Societies

dance Listed Below are the best Museums, Historical and Heritage Societies to visit in Australia. Australia has a large number of museums and historical societies that offer public access to their extensive collections. The Australian Museum in Sydney is the oldest with world renowned reputation in the fields of anthropology and natural history . It features collections of invertebrate and vertebrate as well as anthropology, geology and palaeontology. As well as the fine exhibitions, the museum staff also undertakes research and community programs. National Museum of Australia was opened on March 11 2001, in Canberra. The National Museum of Australia has the largest and finest collection of Aboriginal bark paintings in the world, and extensive collections of indigenous objects and stone tools. There are museums throughout Australia that are well worth a visit.

Listed below are the best Australian Museums, Historical and Heritage Societies listed by location and type. Scroll through the list and click the operator`s link to get more information.

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